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With over 50 online games already completed and more on the way, we have one of the biggest selections available on the internet. They fall under a variety of categories from simple mind bending puzzles to shoot 'em up type action games. To play some of our games please check out

Leasing: We offer most of our games for leasing to other web sites to help attract visitors and increase the "Stickyness" of their site. "Stickyness" is the length of time that users spend at a site. More and more companies are experiencing the positive effects of incorporating games into their site to help boost the awareness of their products and services. We can easily insert your company logo into the games to help with this awareness. Please check out our leasing information area at

Custom Built: If you need a particular game built please give us a chance to talk it over with you and provide you with a quote for the project. We can split the costs if you want to share the copyright or you can have it all to yourself, the choice is yours. Quotes are always free.