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Domain names are what people type in to find your site. For example google.com is a domain name. Domain names have 2 parts - the first part is the name and the second part is the type of domain. In the google.com example - "google" is the name and ".com" is the type. The ".com" stands for commercial. There are a few different types of extensions. Some of the most common are .com (commercial), .net (Network), .org (Organization), .edu (Educational) and .gov (Government). Most of the sites we host are .com but we can host .org, .net or .edu.

How do you get a domain name? You need to purchase a domain name from a certified registrar company. The one we suggest you use is godaddy.com but you can use anyone you desire. Either during the domain name purchase process or after you have purchased it you will need to setup your "nameservers". Nameservers are how your web site is found when someone types in www.yourdomain.com. The easiest way to picture all of this is to look at your domain name like a phone number but instead of your users needing to remember a series of numbers you are asking them to remember a domain name. When they type it in the internet converts the domain name into a number (the nameserver) and is directed to the correct computer (our server) to display the web site. You will need to enter 2 nameservers. When you host with us you need to enter the following nameservers.

Your most important job is to remember your user name and passwords for everything. Write them down somewhere. Keep track of your login information for your domain registrar and for your web site control panel.

If you have any questions about this please email us or call us - Our contact information.

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