Web Hosting - F.A.Q.

What is a domain name and how do I purchase one?
  Please click here for information on domain names.

If I host with your company do I have to hire you to build my website?
  No. Anyone can build your website or you can transfer it from your current host. You can ask us to give you a quote on a website if you are interested in getting one setup. We have been know for building simple one page sites for our customers who purchase a "Business Class" package for around $50. Most starter web sites consist of 3 -5 pages and around 20 pictures/graphics. Starter sites run around $400. Please contact us for a formal proposal for your web site.

What if my website needs to expand bandwidth or needs additional email address?
  There are 2 ways we can deal with this. First, if your bandwidth goes over its limit it will simply stop the traffic to the site and no additional charge is required. The other is we can increase your bandwidth size by 5 GB per year for an additional charge of $25. If you need additional email boxes added to your site, you can purchase those for $12 per year per email address.

How can I learn HTML?
  Search the internet using yahoo.com or your favorite search engine for HTML tutor. You will find more information then you will ever need.

What is your hosting policy?
  Our policy is located here.

How can I make a million dollars?
  We have no clue but if you figure it out please let us know.

I have more questions?
  Ask them by sending them to questions@jetacer.com

If you have any questions about this please email us or call us - Our contact information.

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